Tips for Building Axis and Allies Minis Armies

Information on getting started Playing Axis and Allies Miniatures and Rules Clarifications.
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Tips for Building Axis and Allies Minis Armies

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A Draft of a forum project we did on the old forum. It still needs work but there is lots of good information about army building tips and stratagies.


[center]BUILD TIPS[/center]


Organization- When building a army have some kind of check list or method for creating your builds. You will be less likely to forget an AA or find you have No Infantry with long range attacks. You an organize it anyway that works for you. Here is an example :

Commanders - (List commanders)
Tanks + Tank Destroyers + Assault Guns - (List tanks tank, destroyers & Assault guns)
AntiTank Guns - (List ATGs + Infantry AT)
Infantry - (List long range attacks)(List medium range attacks)(List short range attacks)
Indirect Fire + Artillery + Spotters - (List Indirect fire + mortar + Artillery + Spotters)
Recon + Transport - (List Armored cars + Transport)
AA + Planes - (List AA + Planes)
Support + Obstacles - (List Support + Obstacles)


Build Psychology

1. Consider type of game : First thing to consider is what kind of game is it. Is it a fun match? Or is it a kill to win kind of match? If it’s a fun match, just pick units you want to become familiar with and see how they work. Winning isn’t always important. Learning is. But in a more serious match: The smaller the game (in points) the less one can do in terms of options. Pick one.

2. Consider your opponent : My opponents’ mix of units will greatly influence the outcome of the game. So I consider his three options. Will he come with Armor, Infantry, or a mix? Most battles consist of a mix – so what percentage is your opponent likely to pick. This can sometimes be guessed closely by your opponent s normal proclivities. This is a good reason to change your own force often or change up when it’s an important match – picking an atypical force to your style will immediately give you an edge. But typically I believe most pick a combined force to deal with maximum possibilities, or as many as possible and still have a viable force. So with that in mind - I guess at what my opponent will use.

3. I pick a general strategy you want to pursue and build around that : Consider if you may want to acheive victory with armor, infantry or a combonation of the two and build with that in mind.

These are some considerations that might influence an Armor force:

•Fast moving units – Capture the objective quickly or flank your opponent (pick your support units) Remember to protect from arial threats & fast moving units have thin armor.
•Heavies – you probably won’t need a good shot but poor and mediocre rolls will quickly end your game, especially if your opponent has lots of nasty little bees (light/medium tanks).
Pick a Heavy and build a force around it - support - to tackle more armor or more infantry.
•Heavies are mostly safe from the air units.
•Light fast moving to pick off the infantry from range and stay away from heavies.
•Mediums that can handle the heavies in sufficiant numbers – cat and mouse strategy going in role/roll. Protect from the aerial threats.

Some Infantry force considerations:
•I prepare as best I can for whatever my opponent can throw at me with armor using close assaults(CA) and ATGs. (His goal becomes kill the tank killer – he wins – maybe).
•I try to use infantry units with CA or SA’s that enhances those chances.
•Transport is good if air superiority can be obtained. Panzergrenadier is the exception, transport is always good.
•All infantry forces beyond preparing for Armor require fewer specialty units like AA, unless there is infantry support consisting of artillery/transport/support type units.
•Leadership is crucial.


Ammo Dump ............ Still in progress......


Evaluate force

Can my force handle my opponent? I use my spreadsheet and evaluate his unit possibilities:
i. Tank
kill numbers
ii. Infantry kill numbers
iii.special abilities.
iv. Defense.

Can you handle a Infantry opponent in the event of a pure Infantry build and likewise with a pure Armored force. You can‘t cover every possibility – but do I have something that can cover his most likely force – or hope my opponent doesn’t choose the least favorable to my choices. So that makes number one an important first step – I guess wrong about his choices and I’ll be lucky to win. Guess right and barring poor dice I have the edge - but most of the time it’s an even game

[center]ADVANCED BUILDS[/center]

1. Italian Armies : when playing as Italy without blackshirts, deploy (2) or more AB41s. the mobillity and excellent stats make them a great alternative. Always deploy a pair of the AT guns as they are an essential fallback for when all your 13/40s die.

2. Alternate build Rules - As you progress in the game you may want to apply some of your own rule in the form of House Rules which could affect your builds.

•Compulsory troops : one leader, one soldier-artillery with relocate
•We also use the hero deployment rule for the following units : - AT infantry (bazooka, panzerschrek, PIAT, etc.),- light mortar, flamethrowers, Lebel 86M93 With a limit of 1 unit of each type per 100 pts.
•Some only use the HQ, ammo dump and fuel depot units only as objectives markers and never as playable units 'cause the alterate too much the play balance.
• All medium - Heavy tanks have Open Transport allowing tanks to transport infantry as was routinly done.

3. Use shock builds as an alternative in builds from time to time. Things like all infantry or only planes, it can distract the enemy into making mistakes. 50-60pts of Kubelwagens and Panzershreks in an armor battle can turn the tide very quickly.

4. Tank swarms.........

5. Tanks Vs Antitank Guns........

6. Planes and/or AA Dilema.......

7. Using Tally-Ho Vs Buying Transport (Allied option)........

Creed to victory - AH_pfc_LT

Concentrate forces/firepower. Kill unit’s vs disrupt unless disrupts lead to multiple kills i.e. can you disrupt and kill in 2 turns without your opponent getting support to disrupt your ability to kill. Never sacrifice units without gaining a superior advantage. Establish a strategy - then - watch for adjustments …… Hardest to do. Clear mind – slow it down: think out each turn (what all the units are going to do) then move. Don’t lose sight of the objective (victory)!!!!!!! Identify at the beginning of the game where what units should be. E.g. infantry in position to go for the objective and when. Psychological warfare be aware of my proclivity to fairness – winning is the objective. No prisoners! be aggressive – but not stupid. take some chances and lose some units! Keep in mind my strengths distance (no hand to hand), firepower MG’s, Bren’s & leadership, Char b swarm, in open fields Canadian EENCO may work well. Japanese like hand to hand etc………..


re-roll 1’s

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