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Unread post by dsdrew » Mon Sep 02, 2013 11:04 am

Can someone out there please explain to me how bluffs work? The rules as stated in the rules are confusing as hell. If I am in a bluff hex, can I fire through the bluff at targets below me, or across the board, or is LoS blocked?

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Re: Bluffs

Unread post by FieldMarshall Ober » Mon Sep 02, 2013 12:41 pm

When you are in a bluff hex you are on a hill and have LOS everywhere on the map that doesn't have a blocking terrain. Inversely you can be seen on a bluff by your opponent. If you pull off behind the bluff and your opponent is in front of the bluff it blocks line of sight (This is ideal for 'strike and fade" units). Your opponents vehicles also cannot get up the steep side of the and must go round to enter the hex. Think of them as hill hexes that cannot be scale from3 front sides. Hope that helps.
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