How do you Play....

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How do you Play....

Unread post by curtm1911 » Sun Apr 19, 2015 3:58 am

Since this game is no longer supported by WtoC, do you still play within the game parameters....or do you try to find another way to enjoy this game.....historical scenarios, build an army of anything you axis, no allies....just pieces with certain abilities that can be combined in Power Builds with anything.....while still following the Ruleset for the "Mechanics" of rules.....:D

Anyway, if anybody wants to chime in....Thanks for listening.

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Re: How do you Play....

Unread post by dano903 » Sun Apr 19, 2015 4:06 am

when our group plays, we do alter the rules a bit concerning LOS, and builds. we've never played with depots. for the larger games, we like to add some "extra" terrain pieces to block the longer LOS when multiple maps are combined. Never any historical play, but Audacity and Firehouse had some really nice games going on last Pacificon. Loco and a few others like the historical play as well. I think the historical games are meaningful.

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Re: How do you Play....

Unread post by Encore » Mon Jun 22, 2015 9:44 pm

I'm a big fan of the WWII small-scale skirmish theme (detailed enough, but without too much minutia), so I stick to the nationality rules and don't do any "anything goes" builds.
A few house rules/play preferences I have are:

-commanders can serve as spotters, but can't battle or move during assault phase if spotting (presumes he has a radio man, and frees up points if you don't want to pack a spotter in lower point games)
-my friends and I don't use planes (I have A20 for air battles :-) )

Other than that, I pretty much stick to the original rule set. It fits a nice niche in my game collection in that it is detailed enough to enjoy the theme without being bogged by excessive detail.

+1 on historical play, I think those are fun, too. But then, I am a history teacher, so my opinion frequently swings historical (my students light up when I bring in pieces for class examples, haha).

The idea of "Power Builds" is an interesting one... Now I'm intrigued about a dodgeball-style pick: select a few types of units and do a draft pick match. Panzergrenadiers, Japanese Bicycles, and Shermans vs. SE Paras, Cossacks, and Panthers, anyone? :wink:

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