What Units do you consider essential when playing UK?

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Re: What Units do you consider essential when playing UK?

Unread post by FieldMarshall Ober » Thu Nov 10, 2011 6:03 pm

Full list updated to date. The best-of's from all these essential list will go into a "get it first" list for new players to reference.

(10) M3 stuart
(9) Inspiring Lieutenant/Hero (Commander)
(6) 40mm Bofors L60
(5) Vickers MG Team
(5) SMLE no.4 Rifle
(4) Sherman VC Firefy
(3) BEF Infantry
(3) Matilda
(2) Gurkha
(2) Crocodile
(2) Cromwell
(1) UC+Engineer
(1) Staghound
(1) Spitfire Ace
(1) Bren Gunner
(1) Sten
(1) Para
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Re: What Units do you consider essential when playing UK?

Unread post by curtm1911 » Fri Mar 30, 2012 7:39 pm

Inspiring Hero over the Inspiring Lt. for the 1 pt. savings & 5/5 Defense & "Tally-Ho"
EENCO for the "Improved Accuracy" SA
Australian Officer, priced nice & "Pinpointer" is handy with the EENCO & his friends
BEF Infantry, "Steely Resolve" is one of my favorite SA's on any unit with it
Vet. SMLE/NZ Infantry, for SR & an extra die at medium range
Ghurka, HtH 10 is just Rude
Royal Engineer, he has his job(s) to do
SMLE/Canadian Infantry, gotta have the regulars in any build
Vickers MG, MG's are an integral part of ANY build IMO
BREN Gunner, "Covering Fire" does work
Sten SMG, for Urban combat, lethal
Concealed FO & 3" Mortar or M7 Priest
17pdr/Entrenched ATG, Entrenched for the SA, 17pdr for the AV numbers
BOFORS, no explaination needed here
Spitfire Ace/Spitfire, "Agility" is sweet, an Agile Ace is Real Sweet
Sherman Firefly with "AP Rounds" SA
Cromwell, "Vanguard" is an interesting SA, useful & fun in some games
Stuarts/Staghounds, "All Guns Blazing" is great, "Strike & Fade" adds to the Staghound's lethality
Humber, good mobile MG

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Re: What Units do you consider essential when playing UK?

Unread post by KennyJman » Fri Mar 30, 2012 8:11 pm

If it is strictly UK, then it is hard to argue against the Stuart. A quick tank with decent armor that can hold its own against enemy armor and is absolute murder on enemy infantry.

Had this been a Commonwealth question however......

I would have to vote for the Canadian VC-17 Pounder. That AP round makes the German heavy armor think twice about exposing itself too much.

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Re: What Units do you consider essential when playing UK?

Unread post by Rebel » Sat Mar 31, 2012 11:41 am

M3 Croc... or Churchill Stuart, whichever you choose! :wink:
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Re: What Units do you consider essential when playing UK?

Unread post by Centurion » Sun Jul 21, 2013 3:28 am

If all Commonwealth units are allowed I have several,

Churchill III, basically the turtle of the Commonwealth, just wish it had an SA that would show off its awesome suspension.
New Zealand Inf., tough little buggers.
3" Mortars, a moveable mortar, with excellent attack.
40mm Bofors L60, duh...
M3 Stuart, see 40mm Bofors...
Universal Carrier, an interesting transport.
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