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A Somewhat Mobile 250 points Russian Hoarde

Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 2:18 am
by curtm1911
Somewhat mobile, seems like it should be a fun build.

Comments, thoughts....laughs...:D

1x Veteran NCO @6 pts.
4x Guards Infantry @20 pts.
5x Soviet-Polish Infantry @15 pts.
5x Mosin-Nagant Infantry @15 pts.
1x Red Army Forward Observer @6 pts.
2x Maxim MG @14 pts.
2x 76.2 MM ATG @18 pts.
2x 82 MM Mortar @22 pts.
2x Zis Truck @8 pts.
3x T34/76 Tanks @84 pts.
2x IL-2 Sturmovik @42 pts.

The Guards ride the T34's, the Trucks bring up the ATG's & MG's....if they survive more than one turn, they keep toting folks to the front.....I know, wishful thinking...:D.....I'm really wanting to test drive my IL-2 Sturmoviks vs some German vehicles!!!!

Think it will hurt some Germans?.....hope so...:D