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Unread post by FieldMarshall Ober » Sun Apr 13, 2014 3:42 pm

I had never used too much HE until recently. I didn't use it because switching ammo back and forth was just one more thing I wasn't going to remember to do. :Tout:

Well like I said it changed a month or two ago. It started by loading HE at the beginning of matches to do more damage per shot on Scout tanks that maraud around for the first minute or two spotting everyone. It works like a charm on thin skinned scouts dealing up to x3 in damage over the AP depending on the gun.

Then I started using it against heavily armored higher tier tanks that I couldn't penetrate, by damaging modules like tracks, view port, copulas and etc. So instead of bouncing round after round of AP at least I could get 40-100 points of damage per shot by damaging modules on these big brutes.

Just in recent weeks I have discovered that if shoot HE against thin skinned TDs I can often one shot them instead of 2-3 AP rounds to a kill. For instance if I am in my Wolverine and encounter another Wolverine I take the time to 'double tap the 3' and one shot him with HE. I assume it will work even better with arty's when I remember to try it out.

So now instead of having zero HE loaded in my tanks, I am now running around 10 per tank as a routine.

Thoughts and experiences with HE?
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Re: HE

Unread post by sismis » Sun Apr 13, 2014 8:37 pm

I have tried HE on arty and open-topped TDs and didn't have much luck. But I always have them, alongside with few gold ammo rounds. Lets say that I have 15% of HE and 15% of gold ammo in each vehicle. HE is great in higher tiers when you cannot do much with AP but can track vehicles so your buddies can finish them off...

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Re: HE

Unread post by Ace of Aces » Sun Apr 13, 2014 9:36 pm

Pretty spot on assessment Ober. Using it for base reset a good idea as well. Also useful at longer distances where your AP loses enough penetration to make the shot ineffective. Was watching a Relic players stream the other day and they talked about firing it under tanks. The splash damage will easily go through the thin under armor of the tank possibly doing a lot of damage plus crippling crew and modules. Haven't tried it yet but a good strategy!

I usually keep 6 to 8 on hand but don't utilize it as much as I should (on scouts especially).
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