What tiers would you think these tanks would fit under? WIP

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What tiers would you think these tanks would fit under? WIP

Unread post by jtemple507 » Thu May 01, 2014 5:05 pm

Hello all,
I made a custom tank in Legos based on several World War II tanks; the T-34, the M4A3 Sherman, and the Tiger. Eventually after playing WoT for a while I developed many variants and stats for the tank. Please read the history and stats and reply with the tiers you think it should be.

Flencer was a small car company based in Tuscaloosa, Ohio. They licence-built Model T's in the pre-war period, then manufactured first M3 Lees, then M4A2 Shermans when the war started. In late 1943, they built their last batch of Shermans and set to work designing a tank in response to a British requirement for a fast infantry tank that had thick armor, and a big gun so it could take on the new German Panther and Tiger tanks. They studied their previous Sherman production designs and also studied blueprints of the T-34 and Tiger. They planned a 105mm gun mounted in a turret design similar to the Sherman, a hull design that showed striking resemblance to the Tiger, and a modified VVSS suspension, with only one wheel on the arm instead of two. The suspension also featured a drive sprocket at either end of the tank for much improved power. The tank also featured four Continental engines, the same used in the Sherman, to allow for thick armor and the big gun while still being able to have a top speed of 60 km/h. In the event, the 105mm gun would not be ready until 1945 and Flencer had serious problems with the very weak suspension system, which easily broke down, and virtually disintegrated if directly hit. Even so, 20 pre-production Beauregard P. tanks were produced with a 75mm gun for combat trials in Normandy with the British 7th Armoured Division. Seven of the Beauregards were lost in combat and killed only one Tiger, two Panthers, and four Panzer IV's. The remaining 13 Beauregard P. tanks were returned to Flencer, and the build team worked tirelessly to fix the problem of the suspension. Eventually, by January of 1945, it had been fixed, and the 105mm gun was finally fitted on the tank. The Beauregard P. tanks were also fitted with the 105 and redesignated Beauregard E. Mk. I. The British ordered 100 of the Mk. I and also took the 13 Beauregard E. Mk. I's, and they served extremely well during the fight over the Rhine River in March, although by the end of the war all the E. Mk. I's had been destroyed. An additional 1,500 were ordered, but only 700 of these were completed before Flencer released a new variant, the Beauregard Mk. II, with sloped 75mm armor and an air-defence .50 caliber MG on the top of the turret. 1,000 of these were completed during April and May, with an additional 1,500 completed by the war's end on September 2nd. From the time between the end of the war and 1948, Flencer produced a number of Beauregard variants, such as the Beauregard Mk. III with many extra machine-guns (after Mk. I's were relegated to the training role, they were redesignated as Mk. IIA, with one machine-gun previously on the Mk. III being deleted), the Beauregard Mk. IV (based on the Mk. I) and Mk. IVA (based on the Mk. II) Self-Propelled Flak cannons, armed with six 40mm AA guns replacing the 105mm. There were also "Kangaroo" troop transports using the Beauregard Mk. I and II chassis armed with 2 trainable .50 cal MGs at the back of the vehicle, plus a .303in MG in the hull. The Beauregard "Kangaroo" Mk. I had seating for 8 troops, whereas the Mk. II had seating for 10 troops, plus provision for the .303in in the hull to be replaced by a 20mm fast-firing auto-cannon. There was also a Self-Propelled Gun variant, known as the M14/M14A "Alligator", and a tank destroyer known as the AT-14/AT-14A. The M14/M14A used the Beauregard chassis and mounted a 155mm howitzer hidden behind a gun shield. During the Korean War, M14's were known to take out IS-3's from miles away. The AT-14/AT-14A was designed in a similar way as the Valentine AT. It was the Beauregard chassis with a 120mm gun behind a gun shield mounted to the forward of the hull. Later examples had the .303in hull MG replaced by a .50 cal weapon. After 1948, the Mk. I, Mk. IV, and AT-14 were relegated to the training role, but the M-14, "Kangaroo" Mk. I, and all Mk. II's were kept in service. The variants still in front-line service served extensively in the Korean War, but just one year after the end of the war, all variants had been relegated to the training role except for the Kangaroos, most of which were scrapped. By 1958, most Beauregard variants using a Mk. I chassis had been scrapped, and in 1960, most Mk. II chassis were scrapped as well. Most surviving examples in museums today have a Mk. II chassis, with only two Kangaroo Mk.I's surviving in reenactment units, a Mk. IV and a M14 "Alligator" at the Flencer Military Vehicle Museum based, of course, in Tuscaloosa, Ohio; there is also a Mk. I chassis being restored at the Bovington Tank Museum in England. Also at the Flencer Museum is a Mk. III/IIA, a Mk. II, an AT-14A, and finally a Mk. III turret with the top taken off to show the inner workings of the 105mm gun.

Variants + Stats
Beauregard P./E. Mk. I
Gun: 75mm (the Vickers HV like on the Cromwell)
Armor: 50/35/45
Speed: 50km/h
Beauregard Mk. I
Gun: 105mm (like the first one on the M48A1 Patton)
Armor: 60/55/55
Speed: 60km/h

WIP; sorry I have to go and didn't want to lose all this...

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Re: What tiers would you think these tanks would fit under?

Unread post by FieldMarshall Ober » Thu May 01, 2014 9:55 pm

Its hard to say but the P/E Mk I could be another tier 5 medium.The MK I is a bit harder its certainly a higher tier gun but its armor is more tier 5 or 6. I suspect the British medium line will change when the Firefly is eventually released so there could be room for protos like these.
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