Dead of Winter (non military game)

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Dead of Winter (non military game)

Unread post by pfclt » Tue Feb 23, 2016 12:49 am


This is what I've been playing the last few months when the kids stop over. A fun game with lots of things going on when played with three or more people.
A cooperative game format where you have to survive by acquiring things like food / fuel / medicine / weapons etc. while dealing with zombies, crisis management, and accomplishing a secret goal to win. And of course what's more fun than to have a possible betrayer in the mix. Many of the game requirements can make one look like a betrayer.

Played this past weekend with a son and grandson (not his). In the game If you suspect someone of being the betrayer he can be exiled. I was set to be a winner but on the last turn I was exiled - I was not happy as I was not the betrayer nor was there one in the game. Jovially - called them jerks as well as carrying on how ridiculous it was to exile me laughing jokingly the whole time. My grandson said "sorry pops" - I said "that's alright - you don't have to be sorry - Charles" (my son) - "probably could have talked anybody into it" he had set it up well with little comments through the game - my grandson says "yeah" a little delay "I'm not really sorry -- " ----------- the son of gun. All part of the game play.

We had to play the game a few times before we got the rules down. The rulebook lacks but the company provides a couple online videos that explains things well.

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