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Team Speak Tutorial

Unread post by FieldMarshall Ober » Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:17 pm

Here is a quick tutorial on installing team speak.

1. Go to Team Speak site and download free version." onclick=";return false;

2. Install team Speak on your PC.

3. Check the sound is turned on in your computer.

4. Open Team Speak and go through the test routine on their site. If you are successful you will hear a bunch of chatter.

5. Log into WoT and go to "Menu", open your "settings" and tab to "Volume". Tick "Enable Voice Chat" and set the following sliders to start:

Vice Chat Volume = 65
Microphone sensitivity = 28
General Ambiance = 28

It is recommended not to use "voice activate" option, instead use push Q to talk. Ultimately it is your choice but this is what veteran players say.

6. Click the Test" button and you should see an broadcast icon light up.

7. To test online go into Team training and join one of the "Boy - Girl" training rooms and you should be able to hear them talking. You only have to be in the training cue to hear the online members talking, so you don't actually have to join them.

I have only joined rooms and Platoons as an invitee but I think the Team speak activates itself automatically in the Platoon rooms.
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