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Re: Hoist the anchors and swab the poop-deck........

Unread post by Panzer Commander » Sun Jul 05, 2015 8:22 pm

FieldMarshall Ober wrote:
Panzer Commander wrote:Nice paint job. The one thing that will prevent me from ever getting into WAS is the fact (cost aside) that, to me, all these ships look basically alike! Or, put another way, there's not enough difference to make me want to go out and start collecting hundreds of them.

Tanks, on the other hand, they're purdy! :)
I had no intention in playing War at Sea but when a bunch at our local LGS got into WaS a few years back I decided to give it a try. Its a fun game and much more beer and pretzels than AAM without the terrain influences to make the game more dynamic. Its got more to do with complimentry SAs than terrain, LOS and etc. In general I find it a lot lighter and more relaxing than AAM. Its weird but I find myself less compeditive playing WaS where with AAM I am absolutely bent on winning at all cost. WaS is very expensive however I was lucky to acquire my Navy through trades at my LGS and on the forumini so I bought very few over-priced minis from singles vendors, which is why we tried the shapeways ships.
Ober, thanks for the summary of WAS. For me, a lot of the fun of AAM is the aesthetics. It's what keeps me coming back to the game (along with the game mechanics you mentioned - terrain effects, LOS, cover and overcoming the advantages of cover, etc.). Even if the game mechanics were clunky, which in general there are not (they are in some ways fiddly with a fair amount of rules overhead if you are playing more than ten different kinds of units with their own SAs, etc.), it's the thrill of driving well-painted, realistic looking (for the scale) tanks around a map and shooting at targets from range that makes the game fun. I can visualize on an AAM map where I want my units to go, based on terrain, lines of fire, LOS, etc., and map out a plan of attack. Although I've never played WAS (I did buy a starter and fiddled around with it a bit), the feel of the game seems totally different to me. And more important, when I see the pics of the ships, or even a game in progress from an AAR, I'm not excited the way I am seeing pics of painted tanks in 1/100 scale on a map with a battle in progress. I'm not sure what the scale of WAS is, but it's sufficiently small that it is all but impossible to make out much detail at that scale. They are more detailed than, say, the miniatures made for the standard A&A boardgame, but not by a whole lot. And they you add the fact that, as you say, one ocean square is exactly like the next one, there is not enough variety in outcomes or tactical options to overcome the high entry price (both in time and $$$) to get into the game. My hat's off to all those who manage to do it!

Anyway, sorry for hijacking your thread! :oops:

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