Another business plan...

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Another business plan...

Unread post by dano903 » Tue Jul 08, 2014 2:40 am

Plan G or M (I forgot which one I'm at by now)

open a Weekend terrain craft and custom shop. On the weekends have a shop in a semi-tourist/ gamers' town. The shop would be modeled after a pottery store...where people go in and make pottery, and/or have bday parties etc. Instead of pottery, there's 5,000 items to make terrain and /or art. All the flocking, paints, bit and pieces to make what you want, or have it custom made. PLUS... members can make their items, and sell them in from the display window. I would have to charge something per project, and/or monthly fee of some sorts, but have LOTS of supplies available to make just about anything historical. I would also have some items to sell to make rent and cover some cost.

One other feature... an EBAY station or two. I'd have items on display that were posted to Ebay, and have computers sitting in front of them. people can come in to see the items on display, and bid on them right there. if they're from out of town, the item would be shipped to them as normal,, or free local pick-up.

some other features would be classes for certain projects, an airbrush station, some wood shop equipment, and eventually a 3-d printer.

anything I forgot???

comments as you would like, and if it's that bad of an idea, just PM please. :)

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