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Posting, Images, polls and Attachments

Unread post by FieldMarshall Ober » Fri Mar 25, 2011 5:06 pm

Posting, Images and Attachments

Posting, Playing flash games and Poll voting on the Forum is limited to registered users. Guests may view posts only. If you wish to post in the forum you must first register. The registration process is set-up to be quick and easy (less than 5 min).

Images may be posted on the site by using BBcodes. This means that members do not have a photo gallery (Yet) and will have to post images through a photo storage site like Photobucket or Flicker. Simple post your image to the storage site and copy the image code into your post and submit.

I have enabled a photo sizer to keep photos managable and not to wide so that the entire image may be seen with scrolling. To zoom in and enlarge an image click on the + sign with the moon revolving around it in the upper left corner of the image.

Your account has 10Mb for file and attachment storage space (For now). When you add an attachment an icon will appear in you post and when clicked will take you to the posters account where you may view it in its entirety. The attachment option is below the post window and may require scrolling down to view it.

A full list of available BBcodes is here: ... Codes+List" onclick=";return false;

The forum has the poll ability and members are free to post polls at their leasure. You may create a poll after you click new topic and at the botton of that window if you will find the poll options window. Add your title, options and duration and hit submit and your poll should appear in a new thread.

Under Construction............
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